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Johndhi’s BBQ

December 6, 2006 by  

Jhondi's BBQ Albuquerque NM

3851 Rio Grande, N.W.
Albuquerque, NM

Johndhi’s BBQ, formerly known as Geezamboni’s, is an eclectic smokehouse situated at the corner of Rio Grande Blvd. and Griegos. The building seemed to be built in a small converted home with many small rooms and a large outdoor patio. The restaurant has old wood floors with colorful artwork adorning the walls. As you walk in you will see their selection of wines and micro-brews. Jhondhi’s menu includes BBQ, sandwiches, burgers, Greek items and more.

The BBQ is good with a strong smokey flavor to it. The barbecue comes smothered with their house barbecue sauce. The sauce is not my favorite, it is too tangy and overwhelms the meat. On my last visit I had the BBQ combo with curly fires and a ranch salad. I especially like their pork ribs and links which came with the combo. Jhondi’s true strengths are their sandwiches and burgers. They have a huge selection of sandwiches, my favorite has to be the Grilled Ruben. The Ruben is grilled rye with corn beef, topped with sauerkraut and dressing. My wife loved the Philly steak and the Monster pastrami sandwiches. The burgers are full of flavor, including the chile cheese burger which comes with your choice of three different cheeses. The sandwiches and burgers come with a choice of steak fries, curly fires, coleslaw, or baked beans. The portions are huge, but consisting of mostly the fries.

The service has been very good on all visits. The employees are friendly and willing to small talk. Some of the prices are a little high. BBQ meals start at over ten dollars and the combo I mentioned was $14.50. Most the sandwiches are $8.25 excluding the Monster Pastrami which was $9.25. The burgers on the other hand are relatively cheap starting at $5.75. That said, Jhondhi’s is a well rounded restaurant offering good food and good service. I will definitely be coming back to explore more of the menu.

Pros: Sandwiches, Burgers, Portions, Service, Charm
Cons: High Prices, BBQ Sauce

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4 Responses to “Johndhi’s BBQ”
  1. Lynn says:

    I just discovered your website. It’s a terrific addition to the blogs and websites of Albuquerque. I live near Jhondi’s and go there fairly frequently. Even when it’s busy, the service is really consistent. Everything sounds pretty good on the menu but I nearly always end up having a burger – the blue cheese is my favourite – with curly fries. It’s not that because it costs less, it’s just that it’s so darn good! If I’m not in the mood for something this rich, the Greek salad is excellent, too. I’d say to anyone, check it out if you haven’t already.

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  2. Sandor Biro says:

    My wife and I have always wanted to try Jhondi’s and last night we did. Please, tell me it was a fluke or a bad joke: what we unwrapped at home was a mess of white-ish tissue (stomach lining? tripe? ), two slices of soggy white bread, some cole slaw heavily mixed with dried dill and a small tub of, what we think , was canned beans. We had the privilege of paying almost $20 for this mess. Easily the worst BBQ we have ever eaten.

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  3. Lindsey says:

    I am a former employee of Jhondi’s BBQ and I still crave the food. There is something quirky and fun about everything from the interior to the patio, the waitstaff to the food. If you want something satisfying to take home or share with a partner, I would suggest the BBQ combo dinner. It is easily enough food for two and the brisket and links never disappoint. In the summer, the gazpacho is a great choice topped off with side feta cheese and a side of pita bread. If you enjoy a decent micro-brew selection, they offer that, too along with agave margaritas.

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